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Houston, Comfort Suites Bush Intercontinental Airport

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About Comfort Suites Bush Intercontinental Airport

Get a great night’s rest at Comfort Suites® Bush Intercontinental Airport hotel in Houston. You’ll enjoy spacious guest rooms with cozy beds, flat-screen TVs and a microwave and mini-refrigerator. Our suites also include sitting areas, a large workspace, a sofa bed, and a coffee maker. Start your morning with a workout in our fitness center or grab a free cup of coffee and a complimentary breakfast featuring our famous waffles. Access our free WiFi to check email or to plan your next day’s adventure.

Hotel Amenities

Airport Transport

Disabled Facilities

Night Club

Laundry Service


Wi-Fi Internet

Bar Lounge

Swimming Pool

Inside Parking

Shuttle Bus Service

Fitness Center


Children Activites

Air Conditioner

Banquet Hall

Cards Accepted



No Smoking: 100% Smoke Free
Pet Policy: Pets Not Allowed
Hotel Alerts
Some hotel features--including fitness centers, pools, food and beverage, and other amenities--may not be available due to COVID-19. Face covering requirements may vary as hotels comply with state and local requirements, health ordinances and other regulations. Call the hotel for more information. Free Airport shuttle, service time is at 6am - 12 pm and 3pm - 11:30 pm. Shuttle will run every hour during the scheduled time. Please call to our hotel phone number after you have collected your luggage and we will dispatch the shuttle to your location.

Payment Options

Credit Card

Wire Transfer

American Express


Master/ Visa Card

Pay on Arrival

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